Our expertise in complex life saving treatments helps the patient with the latest  information on heart failure, bone marrow transplants and neuro surgeries


Left Ventricular Assist Device-For Heart Failure patients


Extracorporeal Membrane Oxygenation-Life Saving Support for Heart or Lung Failure


Minimal Invasive Surgery-For Stroke Patients

Aneurysm Coiling

Minimally Invasive Surgery -For Aneurysms

Flow Diverter

Minimal Invasive Surgery- For Aneurysms

Heart Transplant

Cardiac Transplant- For end stage heart failure or severe coronary artery disease

Complex Treatments surgery and medical care program works by the virtue of its large network of world class surgeons in India and USA. We work with the common goal of arriving the best that can be delivered through modern medicine with each patient in every specialty from heart failure to aneurysms and the rare disease subset in cancers. Our in-house team comprises of doctors, medical device specialist trained in India and USA who can identify the problem and provide customized solutions.

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Our Surgeons

Surgeons on Complex Treatments have an average experience of 25 years in their respective medical field. The success rate of the empaneled surgeons is in the top percentile in the country based on the strong academic backgrounds and a robust experience in managing the complex treatments.

Our Hospitals

While choosing a center for life saving surgery there are few factors that always play the most vital role in the outcomes. One of the few factors is the post-operative care in the hospital. Complex Treatments works with only JCI & NABH hospitals where post-op care is world class and no corners are cut to ensure your loved one is taken care of.

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Hospitality Services

Complex Treatments Team

The core motto of Complex Treatments is to make the treatments simpler for the patient and the family. Complex Treatments team works and exhibits four strong foundation pillars which we call A.I.A- Awareness, Information & Access. Once we achieve the three steps the outcomes improve significantly impacting the life span and quality of life for each patient.

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